Sonam Kapoor Has an OOPS Moment: when the picture went viral, she said – I don’t care…

All Bollywood actresses sometimes wear clothes that win people’s hearts but sometimes they get trolled and ops moments because of the same clothes. The list includes names ranging from Alia to Sonam Kapoor who have been victims of ops moments and trolled by social media trolls. A video of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is currently viral. Sonam is among those actresses who have often been victims of ops moments.

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Bollywood actresses often make headlines for their fashion-sense outfits. Many times they are embarrassed by their clothes. Actress Sonam Kapoor, who has grabbed the limelight in the film world with her beauty and styling, has also been subjected to ugh moments many times. Once a viral photo of Sonam Kapoor’s oops moment went so viral that she had to tweet her defense on Twitter.

A few years ago, Sonam Kapoor went to an event and came into the limelight there because of her outfit. Sonam was the victim of an ugh moment at the event due to her fashion and her outfit. Sonam wore a fashionable black dress at the event and suffered a nip slip while posing side by side

Sonam Kapoor Has an OOPS Moment, when the picture went viral, she said - I don't care…
Sonam Kapoor Has an OOPS Moment: when the picture went viral, she said – I don’t care…

When this picture of Sonam went viral, she made a statement on social media which went viral. At the time she tweeted, “I was comfortable in my outfit. I also said something important there but people’s attention was diverted.

Sonam said, ‘Photographers took these pictures for a different purpose. However, I don’t care, I’m proud of my body. We tell you that Sonam is also in the headlines because of her outspokenness. Sonam’s fashion has created a stir many times.

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