Sarfira: Akshay Kumar starrer achieves this feat ahead of it’s grand release

Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited film, Sarfira, is soaring to new heights of anticipation. From its catchy trailer to heartwarming tunes, this cinematic gem has captured hearts and set the internet abuzz. Let’s look at what makes Surfira the talk of the town.

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Surfira’s adrenaline-pumping trailer broke records, becoming the most-viewed movie trailer on YouTube within 24 hours of its release. Audiences were mesmerized by its intensity, promising an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Move over, Indian 2, and bad news! According to IMDb ratings, Surfira is the undisputed champion of the July 2024 release. The film’s compelling narrative, based on the real-life journey of GR Gopinath (the man who made flying accessible to the masses), has struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

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Sarfira review:

Director Sudha Kongara weaves her magic again, adapting the acclaimed Tamil film Sorarai Potru into Sarphira. The story follows the relentless pursuit of dreams, driven by ambition and determination. Get ready for an exhilarating flight on July 12th!

Surfers boasts of a stellar cast. Written by Sudha and Shalini Usha Devi, with dialogues penned by Pooja Tolani, the film promises strong performances. And let’s not forget GV Prakash Kumar’s soul-stirring music.

Behind the scenes, Aruna Bhatia (Cape of Good Films), southern superstars Suriya and Jyothika (2D Entertainment), and Vikram Malhotra (Abundantia Entertainment) have joined forces to bring Sarphira to life.

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